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Sex and food are primary drives; primordial, reptilian, as well as extremely complex. Our relationship to sex and food retain a great semblance due to their common evolutionary vestige, such that the study of one often will shed equal light on the other. Consider taboos, social norms, fashions, rituals, they’ll equally apply to both sex, and food.

The main reason to this is our capacity to objectify, that is, to be able to step out of the primal drive itself and view it form the outside, reflect on our own bodies eating, sexing- the objectification of the ‘self’. Most of us refer to this capacity as consciousness.

It should come as no surprise then, that both sex and food lend themselves so readily to social commodification. Particularly in consumer societies the commodification of food and sex runs rampant. A sex shop is similar to a supermarket and a restaurant is a kind of a brothel in the way consumables and the act of eating are objectified.

I can envisage circumstances in the past where the social representations of sex and food were somewhat different, as there may still be societies in the future where eating in public will be considered rude and taking photographs of food will become a taboo

But for the time being, we are stricken with Food Fetish. Ingredients are exalted and endowed with social meaning as we objectify the edible matter and transform it into voyeuristic fetishes.

I try to avoid the Fetish of the Food as much as I can. I try to remind myself that a spade is a spade and food is food. A starving man cannot read the menu or watch cooking shows on television!

I remind myself

Good food is shared food and it can only be as good as people you share it with

Renan Goksin

By far our fav restaurant in Melbourne. Freshest seafood, most delicious flavours, amazing menu, excellent service and the owner Hasan goes out of his way to ensure every dining experience is memorable. And on top of it, the live music Is great!

Angelique Henry

Really delicious and tasting dishes. This place has been my regular for years and always is consistent with their meals. Spaghettini puttenesca, Stuffed eggplant, Mt Martha mussels, beans, fish all absolutely fantastic and a fair price. I highly recommend this place as one to visit.

Bernadette Coupland
Food And Drinks

Wine Selection

We are very proud of our association with one of Melbourne’s major and oldest markets.  True to the tradition of world markets we see ourselves as a watering hole; a place to rest briefly and exchange news, as well as a place of joviality and play within the market ambiance rather than a restaurant on its own.


We would like to picture it as a cargo ship moored at South Melbourne and carrying wines and supplies from all around the world. It is with this spirit that we paid particular attention to stock wines from coastal areas, rivers and estuaries. Our seafaring line extends from Portugal to Frankland River, from Rias Baixas to McLaren Vale, from Loire to Marlborough.  There are few exceptions we had to make, Champagne is one of them.


If you want to book a table, make sure it is a large group; more than 10 people. Otherwise, come down 15 minutes early and we will seat you as soon as a table becomes available 

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